UPDATE: 323 is Closed, until March 31st – Monday 3/16/20

Hi everyone, 

Not even one hour after tonight’s blog post the LA County Mayor, Eric Garcetti released a mandated closure of all gyms in the area through March 31st.

We are very sad, but in light of what is occurring nationally and worldwide this is needed. We will be sending out Home Workouts so you can stay on your fitness regimen (as you can see I just crossed out what was initially posted). Overall though, please take this as an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones that are in your household. Use the quarantine time to reflect on positive ideas and thoughts. Maybe, complete projects you haven’t had time to do or start something you’ve been wanting to do… hopefully this will all pass sooner rather than later and we will see you all soon!

In an effort to keep our doors open to all of you Ryan, myself and the 323 staff are going through all precautionary efforts necessary to keep everything as clean as possible for our health and safety.

Please read the following, as this will further assist our community as a whole during this national dilemma. 

  • If you feel sick at all, please STAY HOME
  • Class sizes will now be limited to 10 people (first come, first served) 
  • Wash your hands upon entering the gym and before you leave. 
  • ALL EQUIPMENT must be wiped down, BEFORE and AFTER usage. This includes pull up bars and the floor. 
  • Chalk will no longer be provided as it is touched by too many. If you would like to use chalk you will need to bring your own, for your own personal use. 
  • Continue to have fun, we will all get through this together. 

**Home workouts are going to be provided**


Regarding the lobby, as we continue with renovations, we now ask for all personal belongings to be taken home. So, if you have anything in the cubbies in the lobby please grab it by this upcoming weekend 3/21. After the 21st all items will be placed in a box and the following weekend all unclaimed items will be donated. 

As things continue to change we will continue to adapt to the matter. This may include a condensed weekday schedule or a full closure. 

We will continue to do our very best to make sure we all are taken care of in and outside of the gym. 

Thank you all for your support!

Bryan & Ryan